LytHouse App | Review Places and Earn Paytm Cash

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LytHouse App is developed by DROR Labs. The main motto behind the is to make places safer for everyone, which is a great initiative by them. Earning Paytm Gift cash using the LytHouse App is very easy and simple process. The LytHouse App is available in Google Play Store and In App Store for free. So it does not matter if you are an Android Phone user or iOS user you can use the app to rate and review your nearby places and earn some Paytm Gift Cash.

LytHouse App | Review Places and Earn Paytm Cash
LytHouse App | Review Places and Earn Paytm Cash

What is LytHouse App

Name of the AppLytHouse – Rate a Location & Earn
Karma Coins
DeveloperDROR Inc
Total Installs50K+
LinksPlay Store App Store
Refer CodeS9PBDAYQ
Redeem OptionWithdraw to Paytm or Donate to NGOs

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How to use LytHouse App to Earn Paytm Gift Cash

You have to rate a place based on the safety concerns and also can write a short review about the Place. After submitting the review you will receive some Karma Points which will not be withdrawable until a person from LytHouse App verify your rating or review. Follow the steps given below to see how you can earn Karma Points.

#Step 1: Download the App From Play Store or App Store First.

photo 2021 09 16 10 32 59

#Step 2: Afer the installation completed open the app and you will see a welcome screen like below just click Let’s Get Started there.

photo 2021 09 16 10 32 57

#Step 3: Afer this you will be asked to Enter Your Name and a Referral code. Enter your full name in the name box and S9PBDAYQ in the Referral code box. If you use S9PBDAYQ then you will get 100 Karma Points instantly.

photo 2021 09 16 10 32 53

#Step 4: Enter your mobile no here. We will suggest you to use the mobile no which can receive OTP. You may use your Paytm number here also.

photo 2021 09 16 10 32 51

#Step 5: Enter the OTP you received in your mobile no and complete the verification process.

photo 2021 09 16 10 32 49

#Step 6: Once you successfully verify your account you will see the home screen like below. You will see three type of banner in the app. One is for referring your friends, one is for submitting rate and review of our local places and the last one is for submitting a live accident. To Rate Places click on Rate Now.

photo 2021 09 16 11 17 06

#Step 7: After Clicking on Rate Now a screen like below will appear. If your location is on then it will automatically detect the location your are in now. As I have turned off the location my nearby locations are not showing. You can also search for your nearby places. But remember one thing only review places you know about and write the spelling of the place according to Google Map. If you review a place you don’t live or don’t know then there is a lesser chances to approve your review.

photo 2021 09 16 11 17 20

#Step 8: After searching one of your nearby place rate the place. If the place is very safe. no accident prone, good roads then you can rate it 5star or if the place is not good you can rate it 2,3 or 4 stars if you want. If you rate 1,2,3 or 4 stars you have to select the reason for the rating like we select Dark Lanes for 4 star rating. You can also give a short review about the place if you want.

photo 2021 09 16 11 17 18

#Step 9: After you submit the rating or review you will get some Karma Points. If you earn 130+ Karma Points then you can then you can redeem it to Paytm or if you earn 300+ Karma Points then you can donate them to NGOs

photo 2021 09 16 11 17 14

Important Features of LytHouse App

LytHouse App is not only for review places and paytm gift cash there are many important features of the LytHouse App all of them are discussed below.

  • Rate Place and Earn Paytm Cash.
  • Donate Paytm Cash to NGOs
  • Report Genuine Live Nearby Accident
  • Get alerts of accident happened in your local area.
  • Refer the app with your friends and earn Karma Points.
  • 24X7 SOS Help Service.


LytHouse is a good initiative by the DROR Labs to make place safer for everyone. We will suggest everyone to use the app not only for earnning money but reporting or getting info about live accident happening in your area. LytHouse is an step towards safer India. If you like the post LytHouse App | Review Places and Earn Paytm Cash then share it with your friends and if you have any questions or queries regarding the app comment below.

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