Kodular AIA Files Free Download

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Download Kodular AIA Files for Free. Kodular Open Source AIA Free Download. Kodular is a popular drag and drops android app builder platform. You do not need to learn any coding language in order to use Kodular. You can just simply make android apps from your mobile phone using this revolutionary platform. AIA files are the source codes that only supports the specific builder that is used to make them. For example, you can use an AIA file of Kodular in kodular only. This is the only thing you should remember whenever you are going to use any aia files.

Kodular AIA Files Free Download
Kodular AIA Files Free Download

Download Kodular Free AIA Files

Here we are providing some open-source aia files that are not owned by us or our team. These aia files are available in Kodular Community but you gave to give your valuable time and have to search them one by one and we made easy your job. We searched the community for more than 2 to 3 hours and then find them. So if you liked the post then share the post with your friend and comment in the comment section.

1. IP Information – get info of any IP in the world

Web capture 7 9 2021 125117 community.kodular.io
Kodular AIA Files Free Download 7

Made by Yash Sehgal this IP information app has a very unique design and unique features. Some features of this app are given below:

  • Trace the country name and country code
  • Trace the region and the region name of the IP adress
  • Trace the city name and ZIP code of the IP adress
  • Trace the lattitude and longitude of the IP address
  • Trace the time zone

2. Credit Card UI App Concept

Web capture 7 9 2021 13054 community.kodular.io
Kodular AIA Files Free Download 8

This Credit card UI concept is made by Jack Faith. This is only a concept app means it is a demo app only. But the UI of the app is very good. Beginners who are willing to learn awesome UI works should check this aia.

3. Dynamic Delivery AIA

Kodular AIA Files Free Download 9

This Dynamic Delivery AIA File is made by Thiago Cavalcanti. The UI work of this card view is really awesome. This is also a UI works only means this aia is only for them who want to design a card view for showing shopping items. This UI is made using the evolutionary Dynamic Extension.

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4. DP Battle App

Kodular AIA Files Free Download 10

DP Battle App is made by Alapjeet Singh. The UI of the app is quite good. The Idea of DP Battle app is that if you want to participate you have to upload your picture in the app then. The DP that gets more likes will be the winner so you have to share the app with your friend so they like your picture in the app. so your app gets free promotions and free installs.

5. Scholar IQ

Kodular AIA Files Free Download 11

This is another great app by Alapjeet Singh. This is a quiz app. The user needs to register first using their mobile number. After that, the user can take participate in free or paid quiz contests. So if you want to make a quiz competition app then this free and open-source aia file is perfect for you. With this, you will get an idea of how to use firebase authentication for mobile number verifications.


All the source files provided here are not owned by us. All the credits of these source files are goes to the maker of the files. We shared the files here so everyone can use these sources for educational purposes only so the beginners can learn how they can make apps with Kodular. GeekyMash does not take any responsibility and legal obligations due to illegal use and abuse of any service arise due to files and guides shared on the website. No responsibility is taken for any information that may appear on any linked websites.

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