Guide to Easily Rank Your Android App on Google Play Store – 2021

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Is your App on Google Play Store but your app not performing well on Play Store and want to improve your ASO rankings? Then you should follow this Guide to Easily Rank Your Android App on the Google Play store in 2021. I have shared the methods that are working for me. And I also can assure you that if you also follow these steps the ranking of your app will boost in the Google Play Store. This method is working perfectly for Google Play Store but didn’t try on Apple Store. So read the full post and implement the steps provided here and get more installs for your app.

Guide to Easily Rank Your Android App on Google Play Store - 2021
Guide to Easily Rank Your Android App on Google Play Store – 2021

We follow will do two different steps to increase the ranking for our apps. First step will be the Basic and App Store Optimization step and in second step we are going to use a free tool that will help gain ranking fast.

Step One: App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is the SEO for your app so it can get better visibility in the Google Play Store. In App Store optimization we have to do the basic things so it can help you to get more installs for your app. Follow the steps given below to the App Store Optimization.

Use Keyword In Tittle

Use the main Keyword of your app in the title along with your app name. The motive of your app should be indicated in the title. If from the Tittle of your app users can not understand what the app going to provide you then why the user will install it. Give a motive to the users through your App Title. For example, check the title of the Quora App on the Google Play Store.

Web capture 1 7 2021 133437

Along with the Tittle of the app, it gives you a motive that you can ask your questions there and we will get answers for your questions. These texts can also use as a keyword. If anybody searches the texts which are in your app title then there is a higher chance that your app can appear in the search results.

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Guide to Easily Rank Your Android App on Google Play Store - 2021 6

Now the questions is what you can include in the tittle along with your app name? So you can use the a unique or most popular feature of your app. As Ask Questions and Get Answer is the unique feature that Quora offers and thats what they are using in the tittle.

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What to write in Short Description ?

Short Description is also plays a vital role for App Store Optimization. In short description you add a little details about your in the description box.

You can add the features your are offering through the short description box. Along with this you can tell the users what you offers for them through the app.

Screenshot 20210701 141705 Google Play Store

For example check the short description of Pinterest app. Through the short description they are telling the users what can they do with your app.

Long Description: How to use it ?

Long Description is also an important thing you can use to increase your ranking on Google Play Store. Briefly describe about all the features of your app offering in this section. You can also provide contact details, privacy policy link in this section.

Use Interesting Graphics

Use attractive graphics in your logo, banner and in screenshots. Don’t forget to use a promotional YouTube video that describes all the functionalities of your app. Add screenshots for tablets so Google Play Store can understand what type of devices you are targeting. This will help you to increase rankings in Google Play Store and also will boost your app installs.

Step Two: Use appEnhancer tool

Once you do all the steps we told and your app is available on Google Play Store we are ready to do the second step. Your app is now available in Play Store and you don’t get any installs after many days and your app is also not available in the search feed. Don’t worry we are sharing this most secret tip to increase the app installs and rank your apps on the Search Bar. And appEnhencer tool will help us with this. This is not a promotional post from appEnhencer, I am using this site for the last year and this website helps me a lot to rank my apps on Play Store. I will share the method so you can also rank your apps on Play Store and get more installs.

Create an account on appEnhencer

Click Here to visit the page to create an account on appEnhencer. You can create an account with your social media handles like Facebook and Google Account or you can create a new account using your email and verify your email.

Add your app in appEnhencer

After you successfully verify your account you are ready to add your app in appEnhancer. Selects the APP REVIEWS from the top menu after selecting App Reviews another menu will open and then select MY APP.

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Guide to Easily Rank Your Android App on Google Play Store - 2021 7

Add the Google Play Store link of your app in the URL box and then click on Add.

Review Apps and Get Reviews

Once you add your app successfully on appEnhancer you are ready to get genuine reviews for your app. Head towards the APP REVIEWS and then select Review An App. Click on Review An App and then an Android App or Game will appear. You will just simply need to install the app from Play Store and use it for at least 3 days. After using it for 3days post a Review of the app on the Play store and give a five-star rating to the app. After posting the review take a screenshot of the review and upload it to Google Play Store. Once you submitted the screenshot the app owner will then check the review once it confirmed by the app owner you will get 1 point and for the 1 point, you will receive a 5Start Rating plus a good review for your app.


Follow the steps and gain points by reviewing apps on appEnhancer. You will get 1 review per point so at least do 50-60 Reviews so you can also get that amount of reviews for your app. By getting a large number of reviews in a short time it will help you to rank your app on the main keywords and it will also appear on the tops of the search results. This will help you to get a lot of installs in a short time. If you like this Guide to Easily Rank Your Android App on Google Play Store – 2021 then share the post with your friends. If you face any problems then comment below we will help you to get more installs for your Android app.

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