Best Drag and Drop App Builders

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App Developing without Coding knowledge is possible thanks to the Drag and Drop App Builders. You have an idea to make Android or iOS apps but don’t know how to code. Do not worry Thanks to the Drag and Drop Builders which made it possible and hassle-free. App Developing using Drag and Drop builders is started by App Inventor which was made by an enthusiast team from Google and is now maintained by MIT. From the beginning days to now there is many Drag Drop App Builder available till now. Some of them offer Free Services where many of them offer paid services. In this post, we have added a list of Best Drag and Drop App Builders which includes Free and Paid Builders.

Best Drag and Drop App Builders
Best Drag and Drop App Builders

Pros of Drag and Drop App Builders

Drag and Drop Builders are the revolutionary inventions of science. With the help of these builders, you can make an android app wherever you want, whenever your and on which device you want. Some Pros of Drag and Drop Builders are given below:

  • No Need to learn any coding language
  • Beginners Friendly
  • Make Apps Simple from Mobile Devices
  • Make Apps From Any PC/Laptop you want
  • Fast and Easy
  • Simple

Best Drag and Drop App Builders

Here is the list of Best Android App Builders according to me.

1. Kodular

Screenshot of Kodular Homepage
Screenshot of Kodular Homepage

Kodular is the most popular Drag and Drop App Builder these days. Previously Kodular was known as Makeroid. Kodular join hands with Appy Builder for providing more unique features to their users. Recently they also partnered with Google to provide more monetizations freedom to the users of Kodular.

The best thing about Kodular is that you do not have to pay anything to them use their services. All services provided by them are free but if you monetize the app that you made using Kodular Builder then you have to pay a little commission to them. Following are some reasons to choose Kodular as your App Builder.

  • Do not have to pay any charges to use their services.
  • Large community with many member always online.
  • Good UI
  • Kodular has some unique components that most of the other builders do not have.
  • Appy Builder of Kodular has their own Extension builder.
  • You can import and export of screen also which is also a unique feature of Kodular

All these are the pros of Kodular but there are some cons of Kodular also. Some of them are given below.

  • Full of Bugs after the Kodular Fenix Update
  • Android SDK 30 not updated till the date we write this article.
  • Facebook Audience Network latest SDK not updated and Bidding not possible.
  • Some features are not availalbe so you have to purchase paid extensions for the features. This con is for all the Drag and Drop App Builder not only for Kodular.
  • Can not make for iOS.

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2. Niotron

Screenshot of Niotron Homepage
Screenshot of Niotron Homepage

Niotron is the fastest-growing competitor of Kodular. Due to so many bugs and inappropriate behaviours of Kodular Community Moderator many users leaving Kodular and start using Niotron. Like Kodular If you do not use Monetization components then Niotron is also free but with some limitations. You will get a limited assets size, app size and with the free plan.

Some Positive things about Niotron are shared below

  • Niotron has their own Web store incase you need any Ad Extensions.
  • Niotron Provide their own realtime database to their users. Other builder does not provide this feature.
  • Niotron has inbuilt background component.
  • Niotron Supports Latest Android SDK.
  • Facebook Ad Component of Niotron Supports the bidding system.
  • That’s all

Some Negative Points of Niotron are

  • There is a limitation in asset size and and app size. If you cross the limit then you have to pay extra charges to them to export the app.
  • Niotron Community is not so active like Kodular Community.
  • Niotron can not make iOS apps.
  • You have to pay a monthly charge in order to use the Monitization components.

3. App Inventor 2

Screenshot of App Inventor 2 Homepage
Screenshot of App Inventor 2 Homepage

App Inventor is one of the oldest builders which was made by a team of Google. But now it now maintained by MIT. App Inventor is the best platform according to me if you are a beginner and learning no-code app development.

In order to enthusiast the users they organize from time to time App Developing Competitions.

4. Thunkable

Screenshot of Thunkable Homepage
Screenshot of Thunkable Homepage

Thunkable has two different variants one is Thunkable Classis which only builds Android Apps and the other varients is Thunkable X which makes iOS apps. Thunkable X is the only drag and drop builder that makes the iOS app. We will suggest you use Thunkable only for Developing the iOS apps. Thunkable has both free and paid plans. But with the free plans, you will be not able to export the iOS apps.


This is not a paid or sponsored post. We have had these services for years and shared our experience in this post. If you are a beginner in Drag and Drop App Building then you should start with App Inventor 2 or if you know the basic things and want to monetize your better use Kodular or Niotron as App Inventor does not has Ad Components. If you want to build iOS apps then use Thunkable X but remember one thing you have to pay them after you can export your app. If this post Best Drag and Drop App Builders give you valuable information then share it with your friends on social media or wherever you want.

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