10 Best App Inventor 2 Game Ideas You Should Work

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In this post, we are sharing App inventor 2 game ideas on which you should work We all love playing games in our free time. What if you can make your favourite classic games without knowing any coding languages. There is a huge difference between playing games and making games. You may be afraid of things like you need a higher-end pc with and a better processor with heavy ram and graphics card. But believe me, we are living in 2021 and you can easily make your favourite classical games without a laptop even from your smart phone. Read the whole post to know which type of games you can easily build with App Inventor 2 which is a very easy to drag and drop app builder.

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Idea 1: Ping Pong Game

Ping Pong game is also known as Table tennis game, and we have played this very much. So you want to make your own ping pong game and want to showcase it with your friend that you don’t know how to code but still your one of the favorite game Ping Pong.

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After searching on the App Inventor community we found one user already made this game with Kodular (One of the best alternative to App Inventor). And he shares the source file in the App Inventor community the user also made some changes to the source file and make it compatible with App Inventor.

Check this post on the App inventor Community to known how you can made this game easily. A aia file (source code for App Inventor ) has also shared in the post. Use the source file understand how things work make changes that’s all.

Idea 2: Tic Tac Toe

There are very few peoples who have not played this awesome game with their friends. Tic Tac Toe is a simple but interesting and time killer game. And we also know that most of the time the game get tie and this speacial feature of this game make unique from other classic game.

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A user of App Inventor named Shadi_Alfares used this idea of this game and made Minions Tac Toe game. This game is similar to the Tic Tac Toe only the changes the Background image of the game and give it a new name. The user also shared the AIA file so you can use the source file and modify it.

Idea 3: Flappy Bird Game

Do you still remember the game where a bird flies in the sky and you have to save the bird from the pipes by pressing the up and down button of your mobile phone? The game Flappy Bird was made by Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen. The game was first published in the year 2013 and become very popular in the year 2014 that the game developer Dong Nguyen was earning $50,000 a day by showing ads and in-app purchases.

Check this post and read the full description of how the user made the app. Download the source file do some modification.

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A user of App inventor named Saj used the game idea of Flappy Bird and made his own game like this and named it Flappy Copter. All you need to make a game like this is a Canvas component, a TinyDB component to store scores, an Image Sprite component to make obstacles, a Clock component for animation timing, a Sound component for playing sounds like a game over, high score etc. A detailed tutorial is given here read the tutorial and also watch the YouTube video if you need any help.

Idea 4: Quiz Game

Quiz games are very popular for learning new things. You may have played the game Who Wants to be a Millionaire, played right ? What if i told you that you can also make a game like this Quiz game. You can store the question and answer in the blocks to make the app fully functional via offline. You can also use some free databases like Airtable, Firebase or Google Spreadsheet. If you use these databases then an active internet connection will be needed to use the app. You can make memory quiz game, number quiz game, country flage quiz game and many other games you want.

Idea 5: Strategy Game

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Do you love to Clash of clans?

A mechanical engineer made his dream strategy game with the help of App inventor 2. He also shared the AIA file so other people can also see how he did this. Check this post to download the aia file.

Some other game you can also made with the help of App inventor is given below:

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All the source file provided here are not owned by us. All the credits of these source files are goes to the maker of the files. We shared the files here so everyone can use these source for educational purposes only so the beginners can learn how they can be made games with app inventor 2. GeekyMash does not take any responsibility and legal obligations due to illegal use and abuse of any service arise due to files and guides shared on the website. No responsibility is taken for any information that may appear on any linked websites.

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