Free and Best Alternative of GeneratePress Theme in 2021

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GeneratePress is a freemium and best lightweight WordPress theme. In this post, we are going to talk about the free and best alternative of GeneratePress theme that we personally used and we are very satisfied with the theme, so we thought that we should share about the theme with you guys. So read the post till last and learn about the theme.

Free and Best Alternative of GeneratePress Theme in 2021
Free and Best Alternative of GeneratePress Theme in 2021

What is GeneratePress

If you are a newbie in Blogging and using the WordPress CMS then you should hear the name GeneratePress and you might be confused that what is that. So let us solve your confusion first about GeneratePress.

GeneratePress is a very lightweight and fast WordPress theme that most Bloggers use to customize their websites. This is a freemium WordPress theme means a free and a paid version of the theme is available. In order to use the paid version of the theme, you have to purchase a license and use the GeneratePress plugin. You can purchase the license from their official site. There are two different plans to purchase the license one plan is a yearly plan which costs $59/year and another plan is coming with a lifetime validity with the cost of $249.

Some awesome features of the GeneratePress theme are listed below:

  • More Styling Controls
  • WooCommerce
  • Advanced Hook System
  • Mobile Header
  • Secondary Nav
  • Off-Canvas Panel
  • Advanced Layout System
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Masonry
  • Archive Columns
  • and many more features

Disadvantages of Generatepress Theme

GeneratePress is a lightweight and fast WordPress theme but also have so many limitations. These limitations are the reason for searching for a good, fast and free WordPress theme. So let’s first discuss some disadvantages of the GeneratePress theme.

  • Features of the free version is very limited.
  • No customer support for the free version of theme.
  • As it is a very light weight theme it does not load all type of Adsense Ads. If you turn on Auto Ads on your Adsense then the the site may load and show only low CPC ads to your users and your revenue will then less generate.
  • As it load simple loads only it also effects the CTR of your Adsense. The CTR of our demo site has been increased from 1.5% to 2.7% after changing the GeneratePress theme.
  • You can not change the footer credits of the theme.
  • You can not customize the site according to you with the free version and with paid version you need many add ons.

Best Alternative of GeneratePress Theme

As there are more disadvantages of the GeneratePress theme we start searching for a very good, fast and free alternative to the GeneratePress theme. After searching for 2 long days we found a gem on the WordPress theme repository. The name of the gem is EXT NEWS which is a child theme of EXT theme that is freely available at WordPress Theme Repository.

EXT NEWS best alternative of GeneratePress
EXT NEWS best alternative of GeneratePress theme

EXT News is also a very lightweight theme and we are using the same theme on our site GeekyMash. The best thing about the theme is that it has a built-in Table of Contents feature so you don’t need to use any plugin to show the Table of Contents in your posts.

Table of Contents of EXT News Theme
Table of Contents of EXT News Theme

The theme already hides the Website box from the comment form so nobody can spam in comments of your site.

Website Box is hidden in EXT News Theme
Website Box is hidden in EXT News Theme

The site has lots of customizations options even in the free version of the theme also. You can easily change the Footer Credit of the theme and customize the differently for mobile and desktop and tablet users.

I used many free and paid themes but the features of the theme proving in their free version are really cool. The theme also has a paid version and plans for the paid versions are starting from $4 only.


You might be thought that this is a sponsored post to promote the theme. But you are wrong we personally use this theme on our own for more than 3months and witness many positive changes to our site. That’s why we recommended you use the theme. If you like the post “Free and Best Alternative of GeneratePress Theme in 2021” then share it with your friends on different social media platforms and comment below if you have any suggestions and questions related to this topic.

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