Best and Free Alternatives of App Inventor 2 in 2021

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Many of us using App Inventor 2 daily for making Android Apps without using any Coding Language. Here we will discuss Free and Best alternatives to App inventor 2 as this drag and drop does not have many and unique components which can help you to make a more beautiful app.

Best and Free Alternative of App Inventor 2 in 2021
Best and Free Alternative of App Inventor 2 in 2021

What is App Inventor 2

App Inventor is a web-based application that helps us to create Android apps. App Inventor originally made by a team of Google and now maintained by MIT University that’s why it is now known as MIT App Inventor 2. There are many features that this application offers we have discussed below.

Pros of App Inventor 2

  1. App Inventor 2 is providing completely free services
  2. Held different competition of Making Apps to enthusiast the App Developers
  3. App Inventor 2 has a large group of active users in the community so you can get help with your queries very fast.
  4. As this is a web application you don’t need a higher-end PC or Laptop to make apps. You can use any Laptop or PC you want to make the apps. You also can make an app using your Mobile Phone.
  5. As this is a drag and drop builder you don’t need to learn programming languages like Java, Kotlin and Dart or any other programming language. App Inventor uses block-based programing language which is easy to understand and also easy to use.

Cons of App Inventor 2

Every product has good and bad points and App Inventor 2 also have cons. Let’s discuss some cons of App Inventor 2.

  • App Inventor 2 does not have built-in Ad Components so you can’t monetize your apps using Ad Networks like Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Adcolony as well as Amazon Ads. This is one of the worst things about App Inventor 2. In order to show ads on apps made using App Inventor 2, you have to purchases the Ad Extensions from developers.
  • App Inventor 2 does not have options to change the package name in Screen 1.
  • App Inventor 2 does not have options to change the android SDK versions from Screen 1.
  • App Inventor 2 does not provide options to import screens and export screens.
  • The design of App Inventor 2 is very simple and does not offer many components to design apps more beautiful.
  • App Inventor 2 does not offer to export your apps as an app bundle.
  • App Inventor 2 does not have components like Firebase Storage, Firebase Authentication, Spreadsheet. These components help you take to make your apps more secure and more dynamic.
Web capture 8 7 2021 193838 .edu
Screenshot of Designer Section of App Inventor 2

Different Alternative of App Inventor 2

Many developers used App Inventor 2 source files and upgraded the source file and made different platforms. They have added many components which help us to make better apps. There are many alternatives that are now available Internet that you can use to make apps.

Different Alternatives of App Inventor 2 are given below.

Kodular (previously knowns as Makeroid)

Web capture 8 7 2021 20101
Screenshot of Designer Section of Kodular

Kodular was previously known as Makaroid which was launch by Diego Barreiro in the year 2017. Now in 2021, it became the most popular drag and drop builder. According to the data that is available on their website Kodular has more than 603K+ active users that use Kodular services, 1.6M+ apps already built by the users of Kodular. The best thing I like about Kodular is its design and the components they have to build awesome apps. One of the early drag and drop builders that was very popular was Appy Builder which is now merged with Kodular. Kodular is maintained by Junnovate LLC. Kodular also owns the Appy Builder Code Editor through which you can make extensions.

PROS of Kodular

  • The design of Kodular Creator and Community is very beutiful and attractive.
  • You get an option to export your apps as a App Bundle.
  • You get options like import a particluar screen, export a particluar screen.
  • Kodular supports options to copy and paste design so it saves time to design the same design again again and again.
  • There are plenty of online users on the Community to help you in your queries.
  • Kodular provides services free of cost but if you monetize your apps using the AD Components then Kodular takes alittle commision by showing their ads to the users.
  • Kodular has inbuilt AD components so you don’t need to purchase components from other developers.

CONS of Kodular

  • The Facebook AD component is not updated with latest SDK versions.
  • The SDK verison is 29. Latest SDK version is not updated.
  • The ccompiler which build and export the apk file goes offline most of the time so you face Build Error most of the time while export apps.
  • Live testing is not work when using other browser than the FIREFOX. Not even using Chrome.
  • The monetization approval system is not good. You have wait 2 to 4weeks to get monetization approval for your apps if you not going to publish it on Play Store.


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Best and Free Alternatives of App Inventor 2 in 2021 7

Thunkable began its journey in the year 2016. Thunkable has two different builders one is Thunkable Classic through which you can make Android apps and the other one is Thunkable X which is a cross-platform means you can make both Android and iOS apps with this. Thunkable classic is free where you have to pay from $21 per month to $42 per month.

PROS and CONS of Thunkable

  • It is not completely free like Kodular. Thunkable classis offers free services but there are not latest SDKs so you cant use the apps for smartphones with higher Android Versions.
  • No good support for Thunkable Classic.


Web capture 10 7 2021 134220

Niotron is a good alternative to App Inventor 2 and also an alternative to Kodular. Nitron has both free and paid plans for its users. Niotron was working for an offline builder also which will be built android apps without any internet connections. Nitron has its own online database which you can use to store important data of your apps. The best thing about Niotron is that it has a built-in Background Process component. None of the other builders offers this component. Niotron plans are starting from 50INR/per month if your app size 25MB and 250INR/per month if you want to use the components of the ad.


Web capture 10 7 2021 135211
Best and Free Alternatives of App Inventor 2 in 2021 8

Casagbic was very much popular in the year 2019. It was fast growing as a competitor of Kodular. In the year 2020 Casagbic get a copyright infringement notice from Junnovate LLC. for using the source code of AppyBuilder. Since then the builder is offline. Their developers are working and started the beta testing for their new builder once it complete Casagbic will be available soon to make Android apps again.

The reason behind gaining popularity in a very low time because the builder was offering all its services free of cost no paid plans and no commissions.


There were many builders was present in the past for making android apps without coding and now Kodular of them. If you are a beginner and want to develop android apps even from your mobile phone then you should go with Kodular. I am personally using it since 2018 and recommended you too to use this.

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